Steve Pinkerton – Founder

Steve founded Storm Wolf Design to provide top notch website developent, design, and on-page SEO services, and to further the overall development and use of open source technology.  He uses Linux operating systems exclusively (currently Ubuntu MATE 16.04 is his daily driver), and specializes in WordPress optimization and SEO. When not glued to a computer screen, he can be found shredding away on his guitar or rolling up a character for a tabletop RPG.

Anita Malloy - Quality Assurance ManagerAnita Malloy – Quality Assurance Manager

Anita brings a fine degree of attention to detail and precision to the Storm Wolf Design team, ensuring all pages are properly configured for every device, and all forms/pop-outs/applications are working properly before they are pressed into production. Before joining the team, she was studying to become a surgical technician, and remains a role model and motivator for her family and friends. Anita is an avid art lover in all its forms, a bassist, and also uses Linux (Lubuntu 16.04) as her computing platform of choice. Finally, she is also a paranormal investigator in her spare time, having been to several notable haunted locations, including Ashmore Estates outside of Champaign, IL.