Development Frequently Asked Questions



What do you charge for website or development work?

It’s impossible to give an accurate quote for any sort of website or development work right off the bat – if a company throws a hard and fast number without knowing what you want, run!  It’s almost always going to result in one of not getting what you want, or paying way more than you need to, and Storm Wolf Design seeks to do the opposite – get you the best experience possible while keeping it within reason.

Why WordPress, and not another platform, for a website?

WordPress has by far the largest developer base in the world, and as a result, the highest chance to catch any possible bug, exploit, or hack that might affect it’s core programming.  Also, using WordPress makes finding other developers (though we sure do love repeat business!) extremely easy compared to other more proprietary platforms.  Finally, being an entirely open CMS, there’s never any overhead for the base core of the website, and the core can always be changed to suit any individual’s or company’s needs.

Will I have any say in the graphics or design of my site?

Absolutely!  Storm Wolf Design builds your website for you, not a website you can put your name on.  We consider customer feedback and input absolutely essential to a good end user experience, and also to a good customer experience for our clients, which is why we maintain a very high touch contact with all of our customers.

Do you also work on existing websites, even if they aren’t WordPress?

Absolutely!  Just because we prefer the modular nature of WordPress doesn’t mean you have to!  Storm Wolf Design is well versed in all major CMS’s, and in building websites entirely from scratch.



Have a question not on the list?  Feel free to contact us for more information!