International Med Retreat New Theme

Fast, Mobile Responsive, Focused!

Any time a website is revamped, it’s the perfect opportunity to grab new traffic.  Spread the word through social media and any blog the website may have, and invite new and regular users to check out the new features.  In this case, Internation Med Retreat received a full overhaul – new theme, new slider, new menu layout, far lighter design, resulting in a much faster website, both on the desktop and on mobile devices.

What Should I Showcase?

Any improvement that makes using the site more enjoyable should both be readily available on the website itself, and if at all possible highlighted on any advertising done for the site.  A good example is a sitemap, which makes any page accessible from at most two clicks or taps.  Make any new functionality improvements, such as a tag cloud, prominent but not overpowering (a new feature that gets in the way is no longer a feature).  Finally, engage with your audience!  Few things will tell you what is working and what isn’t than hearing it from the end users.

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