Responsive Design

Keep Your Site on the Search Engines – Go Mobile!

A recent report by CNN Money showed that in the United States, more people are using the internet and browsing sites from their mobile devices – phones and tablets – than from a traditional web browser on a laptop or desktop computer.  This unprecedented growth of mobile traffic, combined with easily affordable mobile broadband, means that your website will have to adapt to the flow of users just like your business will!  At Storm Wolf Design, we ensure your website is mobile-ready and responsive right out of the gate, using technologies in themes such as media queries (code that checks the screen size and makes sure the page shown matches that screen) and Bootstrap, a technology pioneered first on Twitter.  And if that isn’t enough, we’re all avid Android users and enthusiasts, and would love to turn your latest idea into both a website, and a mobile app!  Check out our portfolio or request a quote today!